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Keyword and map search both



There are two main ways to search for data sources in the Space app:

Iotic search results using semantic web

Search by keyword

Search by keyword


Select SEARCH from the side menu and enter a keyword.


To filter the results by location, select Search on map at the bottom.



Search by location

Map search options

Search by map


Select MAP from the side menu to view all data sources in your local area. To change the location, either double-click on the map or select Find a location.


To filter the results by keyword, select Search this area.


NOTE: To test a new system, we recommend searching for and following the “Test Feed Generator”. It’s very useful because it produces predictable, reliable data.


Preview dataView Thing details


To see if a data source is appropriate, select the Thing to view its metadata and a list of feeds, and then View data for any appropriate feeds.


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