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Print received data


To print data and information from the feeds which this Thing is following in Iotic Space, add this section to your Thing script.


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def connect_subscriptions(my_thing):
    print("Printing received data")

    # List any feeds or controls you're following
    # Note: 'id' is the feed/control's global point ID (gpid)
    sub_list = my_thing.list_connections()

    for key in sub_list:
        gpid = sub_list[key]['id']
        if sub_list[key]['type'] == R_FEED:
            my_thing.follow(gpid, follow_feed_callback)
        print("Global point ID (GPID):", gpid)

def follow_feed_callback(args):

    # Print data recieved from followed feeds
    print("Received data:", args['data'])


You also need to add the following call to the MAIN section of your script.




Remember, before you can hook your Thing up to code you also need to:


  1. Create a new Iotic Agent in the Space app, and download an .ini file
  2. Assign Things to an Agent
  3. Organise your file directory

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