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Iotic Agents


Iotic Agents are the gatekeepers of Iotic Space which allow your Things to communicate with a Python application.

Create a new Agent

Open the same Space where your virtual Iotic Things have been created. Find out more about Private Spaces here.


Select NEW > New agent from the side menu.


Screenshot of the new agent dialogue



You will need to enter a unique Name, which will be used to reference your Agent in code. In our code examples, we have used the name “Iotic_Agent”.

Credentials (.ini) files

A new Agent will produce an .ini file, which contains essential security credentials. Download this file, as you will need to add it to the same directory as your Thing’s Python application.



WARNING: Do not share agent credentials with others, and ensure any devices which store .ini files are not publicly accessible using SSH or VNC.


New agent credentials dialogue .ini file


Agent icon



To manage your agents, select Agent from the side menu.



If you lose your credentials, you can generate and download a new .ini file by selecting Reset Password.


Reset password


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