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Create an Iotic Thing in the Space app


An Iotic Thing is anything represented in Iotic Space. It may also have a presence in physical space (e.g. sensors and devices), or it may be entirely virtual (a script or remote data source). They are shown in the Space app as coloured circles (or squares, for Things which you do not own), and each has an application in code.


Screenshot of multiple Things in the Space app


Open the Space where you would like to create your new Thing. Find out more about Private Spaces here.


Select NEW > New Thing from the side menu.


Screenshot of First Iotic Thing


You will need to enter a unique Local ID (name), which will be used to reference your Thing in code. In our code examples later on, we have used the IDĀ “First_Iotic_Thing”.


You can also assign your Thing to an Agent, which are theĀ gatekeepers which allow your Things to connect to their code.

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