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The Iotic interface


Screenshots of the Developer portal and the Space app

Developer portal 

The Developer portal is your gateway into Iotic Space.
It is the first page you will see after logging in, and holds all of the information about your account. From here, you can open the Space app for all of the public and private spaces which you have access to. Select Iotic Space in the top menu to open the Community space’s Space app, or select Profile to access your other spaces.

Space app

The GUI interface for Iotic Space.
It lets you manage all of your Things, agents, and interactions. It enables you to search The Space app is essential for creating new agents and searching the range of public data feeds available for you to use in your Iotic systems.

Each public and private space has its own instance of the Space app.

Some of its functions are described below.


Screenshot of the Space app with labels for the different menu functions

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