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Add a new Private Space to your account


Once you have purchased or been granted access to a new space, you will be sent its URL link by the Iotic team. You must then link the new space to your account using your Owner ID.

After creating an account and owner ID, follow these steps to link the new space.

Link the spaces using your owner ID

1.  Copy your owner ID from the Profile page on the Developer portal.

View of the Owner ID in the developer portal with Copy Owner ID highlighted

2.  Open the new Space using the URL link.


3.  Sign in using the login credentials supplied.

If you have not received the link or login credentials for your Private Space, please contact


4. Select Iotic Space from the top menu to open the Space app for your Private Space.


5. You will be prompted to enter your Owner ID. Paste it here and select Submit.

Image of the Link to your owner dialogue, asking the user to paste in their Owner ID

6. You will be shown a unique PIN, which you can use to check you are authorising your own account in the next steps.

Image of the Waiting for authorisation dialogue, showing the user's unique PIN

Authorise the connection via the Developer Portal

7. Return to your main Profile page on the Developer portal.


8.  Under the Containers section, your Private Space will now be listed.

Image of the containers on the Profile page, with an Allow option

9. Check that the unique PIN matches that shown in the previous steps, and select Allow to authorise the connection.

Image of the authorised containers on the Profile page

You have now authorised your account on your Private Space, and can start creating Iotic interactions in your personalised environment.


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